Welcome to the Yves Durif Boutique Salon.

We see no difference between women and men, but view each client as a whole element. The focus is to bring the best out of everyone. We do not give you a Haircut– we give you a Hairstyle.

Our favorite style is the one which suits you, by enhancing your best features— creating a perfect balance between cut, color and makeup. We use and offer only the very finest of products– currently featuring L’Oreal’s shining star– Shu Uemura.

Yves’ favorite cut is one that looks great, even when you first fall out of bed… complete effortless style. The Oval shape is his Guru. All of his cuts aspire to that shape whether long, or short, or curly.

Consultation is Yves’ obsession– he would never style a cut before being absolutely sure that the client knows exactly what is being done.

Yves takes his inspiration from the movie stars of the 60’s such as: Jean Seberg in “Breathless”, Brigitte Bardot in “And God Created Woman” and young French actresses such as Juliette Binoche, Audrey Tautou, and Léa Seydoux.

A haircut is a great medium to express yourself, and certainly is a better accessory than a Hermes bag.

Visit or contact 212.452.0954 for more information or to book an appointment.  Visit The Yves Durif Salon Website.